• Global Attention

    Gebb Work operates throughout the national market, its headquarter is located in Bento Gonçalves in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, one of the largest furniture manufacturing centers in Brazil, and has a subsidiary in the state of São Paulo, the economic center of the country. Export was always one of the objectives of the company and since 2017 there was an increase in our presence in the international market, with consolidated commercial alliances in countries of South America, Central America and North America. We have an important project that seeks the expansion of foreign trade, to guarantee the presence in new continents.

  • Constant innovation

    We seek continuous improvement from product conception to final assembly in front of the consumer. For this reason, we stimulate a work environment conducive to the development of new solutions in office furniture: dynamic, beautiful and easily assembled products, joining constructive methods, accessories, and exclusive designs.

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